Schools Ethos Teams Meeting October 2014

Schools Ethos Teams Meeting October 2014

MEA Meeting of School Ethos Teams

Facilitated by Aiveen Mullally, Marino.

Venue: Airport Hilton Hotel

A meeting of the Ethos Teams of the three Marist Fathers’ schools’ was held on October 8th in the Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel. This was also attended by the MEA.

There was a remarkable turnout considering this was a school day and people had to travel after work. Indeed there was plenty of energy, initiative and enthusiasm evident in the room.

Two teachers from the Marist Brothers’ school, Moyle Park, were welcomed into the group.

Old relationships were rekindled and new ones were forged. The staffs are much better acquainted now after various La Neylière trips, inter-school staff soccer tournaments, the leadership programme and the European Education Fora. Some of the attendees had attended the Marist Brothers’ Forum in Alicante in June.

The group was asked to discuss and explain how the Marist Ethos was being developed in their schools at the moment.

They also described any new ideas or initiatives they may have working in their schools which they would like to share with the others.

They went on to consider opportunities for collaboration between all the schools. There were some excellent ideas put forward here.

Finally those attending were asked how the MEA could support ethos development in the schools in the future. Again there were some very practical and challenging suggestions made which the MEA will take on board and act upon as soon as is feasible.

The meeting concluded at seven thirty with Aiveen being thanked for her excellent facilitation.


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